ReSEARCHER is a database that contains abstracts for ETS research publications, including ETS Research Reports and Research Memorandums. More than 3,300 such documents have been published since 1948.

For some reports, a link to a downloadable PDF file is provided on the abstract page (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader®).   To receive copies of other reports listed in ReSEARCHER, please contact ETS.

Tips for using ReSEARCHER

Use Last Name Only



ETS Report Number:

Use dashes in report number - for example, "RR-96-08."
For reports in 2000 and thereafter, use these examples:  "RR-00-02" "RM-00-01"


Supplemental Report Number:

Examples are "CBR-98-06" "RDR-80-81"
"GREB-93-26bP" "LSAC-81-01"
"PSRTR-98-01" "TOEFL-TR-14"
For CBR reports in 2000 and thereafter,
use this example: "CBR-2000-01"


Publication Year:

To find reports in a range of years use an *
e.g. 1970's is queried as "197*"
1971-1973 is queried as "1971 1972 1973 "


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