Find a Research Publication in the ETS ReSEARCHER Database: Advanced Search

ETS ReSEARCHER is a database that contains information on ETS-authored or –published works, such as ETS Research Reports, ETS Research Memorandums, or publications written by ETS researchers and published by third parties, such as scholarly journals. For many ETS Research Reports, a link to a downloadable PDF file is provided on the abstract page (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Tips for using ETS ReSEARCHER

Use last name only

Use hyphens in report number. For example, "RR-96-08". For reports in 2000 and thereafter, use these examples: "RR-00-02" or "RM-00-01".
To find reports in a range of years use an *.
For example, 1970's is queried as "197*".
1971-1973 is queried as "1971 1972 1973 ".
Type "Research Report" to limit search results to ETS publications. Type in the name of the journal to find articles written by ETS staff in that journal.
See a list of common subjects, key words or phrases.