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  1. Writing Assessment for Admission to Graduate and Professional Programs: Lessons Learned and ...

    Author(s): Fowles, Mary

    Publication Year: 2012

    Source: Elliot, Norbert; Perelman, Les (eds.) Writing Assessment in the 21st Century. New York: Hampton Press, 2012, p135-146

  1. Rethinking K-12 Writing Assessment to Support Best Instructional Practices

    Author(s): Deane, Paul ; Sabatini, John P. ; Fowles, Mary E.

    Publication Year: 2012

    Source: Bazerman, Charles; Dean, Chris; Early, Jessica; Lunsford, Karen; Null, Susie; Rogers, Paul; Stansell, Amandal (eds.) International Advances in Writing Research: Cultures, Places, Measures, ...

  1. The CBAL Summative Writing Assessment: A Draft Eighth-Grade Design

    Author(s): Deane, Paul ; Fowles, Mary ; Baldwin, Douglas ; Persky, ...

    Publication Year: 2011

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  1. Cognitive Models of Writing: Writing Proficiency as a Complex Integrated Skill

    Author(s): Deane, Paul ; Odendahl, Nora ; Quinlan, Thomas ; Fowles, ...

    Publication Year: 2008

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. Guidelines for Constructed-Response and Other Performance Assessments 2005

    Author(s): Baldwin, Doug ; Fowles, Mary E. ; Livingston, Samuel A. (Skip)

    Publication Year: 2005

  1. Identifying the Writing Tasks Important for Academic Success at the Undergraduate and ...

    Author(s): Rosenfeld, Michael ; Courtney, Rosalea ; Fowles, Mary

    Publication Year: 2004

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. Balancing Test User Needs and Responsible Professional Practice: A Case Study Involving the ...

    Author(s): Powers, Donald E. ; Fowles, Mary E.

    Publication Year: 2002

    Source: Applied Measurement in Education, v15 n3 p217-247, 2002

  1. Stumping E-Rater: Challenging the Validity of Automated Essay Scoring

    Author(s): Powers, Donald E. ; Burstein, Jill C. ; Chodorow, Martin ; ...

    Publication Year: 2002

    Source: Computers in Human Behavior, v18 n2 p103-134, Mar 2002

  1. Comparing the Validity of Automated and Human Scoring of Essays

    Author(s): Powers, Donald E. ; Burstein, Jill C. ; Chodorow, Martin ; ...

    Publication Year: 2002

    Source: Journal of Educational Computing Research, v26 n4 p407-425, 2002

  1. Relating Performance on a Standardized Writing Assessment to Performance on Selected ...

    Author(s): Powers, Donald E. ; Fowles, Mary E. ; Welsh, Cynthia K.

    Publication Year: 2001

    Source: Educational Assessment, v7 n3 p227-253, 2001

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