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  1. Cutscores: A Manual for Setting Standards of Performance on Educational and Occupational Tests

    Author(s): Zieky, Michael J. ; Perie, Marianne ; Livingston, Samuel A.

    Publication Year: 2008

    Source: Book; Princeton, NJ: Educational Testing Service

  1. Technical Report for the 2000 Market-Basket Study in Mathematics

    Author(s): Mazzeo, John ; Kulick, Edward ; Tay-Lim, Brenda ; Perie, ...

    Publication Year: 2006

    Source: NAEP Report

  1. A Primer on Setting Cut Scores on Tests of Educational Achievement

    Author(s): Zieky, Michael J. ; Perie, Marianne

    Publication Year: 2006

    Source: ETS Publication

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