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  1. Supporting Growth Interpretations Using Through-Course Assessments

    Author(s): Ho, Andrew D.

    Publication Year: 2011

    Source: Paper presented at the Invitational Research Symposium on Through-Course Summative Assessments, Feb 11, 2011

  1. Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education: Challenges and Future Research in the Context of ...

    Author(s): Liu, Ou Lydia

    Publication Year: 2011

    Source: Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, v30 n3 p2-9, Fall 2011

  1. An American Examination System

    Author(s): Resnick, Lauren B. ; Berger, Larry

    Publication Year: 2010

    Source: The National Conference of Next Generation Assessment Systems, 2010

  1. Implications of Current Policy for Educational Measurement

    Author(s): Koretz, Daniel M.

    Publication Year: 2009

    Source: Paper presented at the Exploratory Seminar: Measurement Challenges Within the Race to the Top Agenda, Dec 2009

  1. Can Policy (Re)form Instruction?

    Author(s): Sykes, Gary ; Wilson, Suzanne M.

    Publication Year: 2016

    Source: Gitomer, Drew H.; Bell, Courtney A. (eds.) Handbook of Research on Teaching, Fifth Edition. Washington, DC: American Educational Research Association, 2016, p851-916

  1. Measuring Motivation in Low-Stakes Assessments

    Author(s): Finn, Bridgid

    Publication Year: 2015

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. The Impact of Measurement Error on the Accuracy of Individual and Aggregate SGP

    Author(s): McCaffrey, Daniel F. ; Castellano, Katherine E. ; Lockwood, ...

    Publication Year: 2015

    Source: Educational Measurement: Issues and Practice, v34 n1 p15-21, Spr 2015

  1. State-Funded PreK Policies on External Classroom Observations: Issues and Status

    Author(s): Ackerman, Debra J.

    Publication Year: 2014

    Source: ETS Policy Information Center Report

  1. Use of Longitudinal Regression in Quality Control

    Author(s): Lu, Ying ; Yen, Wendy M.

    Publication Year: 2014

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. Policy Support for Formative Assessment

    Author(s): Heritage, Margaret ; Wylie, E. Caroline

    Publication Year: 2013

    Source: Heritage, Margaret. Formative Assessment in Practice: A Process of Inquiry and Action. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press, 2013, p117-133

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