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  1. Sample-Size Requirements for Automated Essay Scoring

    Author(s): Haberman, Shelby J. ; Sinharay, Sandip

    Publication Year: 2008

    Source: ETS Research Report

  2. Hybrid Model of IRT and Latent Class Models

    Author(s): Yamamoto, Kentaro

    Publication Year: 1989

    Source: ETS Research Report

  3. Perceptual-Cognitive Development in Infancy: A Generalized Expectancy Model as a Function of the Mother-Infant Interaction

    Author(s): Goldberg, Susan ; Lewis, Michael

    Publication Year: 1968

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

  4. Some Ingredients for Constructing Developmental Models

    Author(s): Freedle, Roy O.

    Publication Year: 1973

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  5. Evidence-Centered Design

    Author(s): Riconscente, Michelle M. ; Mislevy, Robert J. ; Corrigan, Seth

    Publication Year: 2016

    Source: Lane, Suzanne; Raymond, Mark R.; Haladyna, Thomas M. (eds.) Handbook of Test Development, Second Edition. New York: Routledge, 2016, p40-63

  6. Models with Nuisance and Incidental Parameters

    Author(s): Haberman, Shelby J.

    Publication Year: 2016

    Source: van der Linden, Wim J. (ed.). Handbook of Item Response Theory, Volume Two: Statistical Tools. Boca Raton: Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2016, p151-170

  7. LISREL: A General Computer Program for Estimating a Linear Structural Equation System Involving Multiple Indicators of Unmeasured Variables

    Author(s): Joreskog, Karl G. ; Van Thillo, Marielle

    Publication Year: 1972

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

  8. Building e-rater Scoring Models Using Machine Learning Methods

    Author(s): Chen, Jing ; Fife, James H. ; Bejar, Isaac I. ; Rupp, André A.

    Publication Year: 2016

    Source: ETS Research Report

  9. Stochastic Approximation Methods for Latent Regression Item Response Models

    Author(s): von Davier, Matthias ; Sinharay, Sandip

    Publication Year: 2009

    Source: ETS Research Report

  10. Should Nonlinear Functions of Test Scores be Used as Covariates in a Regression Model?

    Author(s): Lockwood, J. R. ; McCaffrey, Daniel F.

    Publication Year: 2015

    Source: Lissitz, Robert W.; Jiao, Hong (eds.). Value Added Modeling and Growth Modeling With Particular Application to Teacher and School Effectiveness. Charlotte: Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2015, p1-36

  11. Psychological Models for Relating Discrimination and Magnitude Estimation Scales

    Author(s): Helm, Carl E. ; Messick, Samuel J. ; Tucker, Ledyard R

    Publication Year: 1961

    Source: Psychological Review, v68 n3 p167-177, May 1961

  12. Integrating Scaffolding Strategies Into Technology-Enhanced Assessments of English Learners: Task Types and Measurement Models

    Author(s): Wolf, Mikyung Kim ; Guzman-Orth, Danielle ; Lopez, Alexis A. ; Castellano, Katherine E. ; Himelfarb, Igor ; Tsutagawa, Fred S.

    Publication Year: 2016

    Source: Educational Assessment, v21 n3 p157–175, 2016

  13. The Axioms and Principal Results of Classical Test Theory

    Author(s): Novick, Melvin R.

    Publication Year: 1965

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

  14. Comparison of Multidimensional Item Response Models: Multivariate Normal Ability Distributions Versus Multivariate Polytomous Ability Distributions

    Author(s): Haberman, Shelby J. ; von Davier, Matthias ; Lee, Yi-Hsuan

    Publication Year: 2008

    Source: ETS Research Report

  15. Estimating Parameters in the Rasch Model: Removing the Effects of Random Guessing

    Author(s): Waller, Michael I

    Publication Year: 1976

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

  16. Technology Supports for Assessment Design

    Author(s): Mislevy, Robert J. ; Winters, Fielding I. ; Bejar, Isaac I. ; Bennett, Randy Elliot ; Haertel, Geneva D.

    Publication Year: 2010

    Source: Peterson, Penelope; Baker, Eva; McGaw, Barry (eds.) International Encyclopedia of Education, 3rd Ed., Vol. 8. Oxford: Elsevier, 2010, p56-65

  17. Calibration of Polytomous Item Families Using Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling

    Author(s): Johnson, Matthew. ; Sinharay, Sandip

    Publication Year: 2003

    Source: ETS Research Report

  18. A General Diagnostic Model Applied to Language Testing Data

    Author(s): von Davier, Matthias

    Publication Year: 2005

    Source: ETS Research Report

  19. Diagnostic Assessment of Troubleshooting Skill in an Intelligent Tutoring System

    Author(s): Gitomer, Drew H. ; Steinberg, Linda S. ; Mislevy, Robert J.

    Publication Year: 1994

    Source: ETS Research Report

  20. Relation Between Perseverance and Rate of Learning: A Test of Carroll's Model of School Learning

    Author(s): Millman, Jason ; Bieger, George R. ; Klag, Patricia A. ; Pine, Cathy K.

    Publication Year: 1983

    Source: American Educational Research Journal, v20 n3 p425-434, Fall 1983

  21. Extending the Rule Space Model to a Semantically-Rich Domain: Diagnostic Assessment in Architecture

    Author(s): Katz, Irvin R. ; Martinez, Michael E. ; Sheehan, Kathleen M. ; Tatsuoka, Kikumi K.

    Publication Year: 1993

    Source: ETS Research Report

  22. Mixture Distribution Item Response Theory, Latent Class Analysis, and Diagnostic Mixture Models

    Author(s): von Davier, Matthias

    Publication Year: 2010

    Source: Embretson, S.E. (ed.) Measuring Psychological Constructs: Advances in Model-Based Approaches. Washington:DC: American Psychological Association, 2010, p11-33

  23. Comments on Growth in Achievement

    Author(s): Kane, Michael

    Publication Year: 2009

    Source: Paper presented at the Exploratory Seminar: Measurement Challenges Within the Race to the Top Agenda, Dec 2009

  24. Value-Added Models and the Next Generation of Assessments

    Author(s): Meyer, Robert H. ; Dokumaci, Emin

    Publication Year: 2009

    Source: Paper presented at the Exploratory Seminar: Measurement Challenges Within the Race to the Top Agenda, Dec 2009

  25. Making Their Own Connections: Students' Understanding of Multiple Models in Basic Electricity

    Author(s): Gutwill, Joshua P. ; Frederiksen, John R. ; White, Barbara Y.

    Publication Year: 1999

    Source: Cognition and Instruction, v17 n3 p249-282, 1999

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