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  1. Personality, Motivation, and College Readiness: A Prospectus for Assessment and Development

    Author(s): Kyllonen, Patrick C. ; Lipnevich, Anastasiya A. ; Burrus, ...

    Publication Year: 2014

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. Teacher Expectations and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

    Author(s): Jussim, Lee J. ; Robustelli, Stacy L. ; Cain, Thomas R.

    Publication Year: 2009

    Source: Wentzel, Kathryn R.; Wigfield, Allan (eds.) Handbook of Motivation at School. New York: Routledge, 2009, p349-380

  1. Five Assessment Myths and Their Consequences

    Author(s): Stiggins, Richard J.

    Publication Year: 2007

    Source: Education Week, v27 n8, Oct 16, 2007

  1. Academic Motivation: Theories, New Measures, and Potential Applications

    Author(s): Emmerich, Walter

    Publication Year: 2006

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  1. Multivariate Talent Flow Analysis: A Pilot Study

    Author(s): Wilson, Kenneth M.

    Publication Year: 1978

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

  1. Predicting Academic Achievement with a New Attitude - Interest Questionnaire - I

    Author(s): Myers, Robert C. ; Schultz, Douglas G.

    Publication Year: 1950

    Source: Educational and Psychological Measurement, v10 n4 p.654-663, 1950

  1. I Know What It's Like...

    Author(s): Casserly, Patricia Lund

    Publication Year: 1966

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  1. Experimental Studies of Homogeneous Grouping: A Critical Review

    Author(s): Ekstrom, Ruth B.

    Publication Year: 1961

    Source: The School Review, n69 n2 p216-226, Sum 1961

  1. The Effect of Essay Tests on Student Motivation

    Author(s): French, John Winslow, 1918-

    Publication Year: 1956

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

  1. Needs for Achievement, Aspirations, and College Criteria

    Author(s): Hills, John R.

    Publication Year: 1957

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

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