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  1. Assessing Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching: The Role of Teaching Context

    Author(s): Phelps, Geoffrey ; Howell, Heather

    Publication Year: 2016

    Source: Mathematics Enthusiast, v13, n1&2 p52–70, 2016

  1. Alignment Between the Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT) and the Interstate ...

    Author(s): Reese, Clyde M. ; Tannenbaum, Richard J. ; Kuku, Bamidele

    Publication Year: 2015

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  1. Developing Content Knowledge for Teaching Assessments for the Measures of Effective ...

    Author(s): Phelps, Geoffrey ; Weren, Barbara H. ; Croft, Andrew ; ...

    Publication Year: 2014

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. Building Trust in Observations Blueprint for Improving Systems to Support Great Teaching

    Author(s): Wood, Jess ; Tocci, Cynthia M. ; Joe, Jilliam N. ; Holtzman ...

    Publication Year: 2014

    Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MET Project, 2014

  1. Is Value-Added Accurate for Teachers of Students with Disabilities?

    Author(s): McCaffrey, Daniel F. ; Buzick, Heather M.

    Publication Year: 2014

    Source: Carnegie Knowledge Network, January 2014

  1. Foundations of Observation: Considerations for Developing a Classroom Observation System ...

    Author(s): Joe, Jilliam N. ; Tocci, Cynthia M. ; Holtzman, Steven ; ...

    Publication Year: 2013

    Source: MET Project Policy and Practice Brief

  1. Will Teacher Value-Added Scores Change When Accountability Tests Change?

    Author(s): McCaffrey, Daniel F.

    Publication Year: 2013

    Source: Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Carnegie Knowledge Network, Jan 2014

  1. Cognitive Interviews as a Tool for Investigating the Validity of Content Knowledge for ...

    Author(s): Howell, Heather ; Phelps, Geoffrey ; Croft, Andrew ; Kirui, ...

    Publication Year: 2013

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. Automated Content Scoring of Spoken Responses in an Assessment for Teachers of English

    Author(s): Zechner, Klaus ; Wang, Xinhao

    Publication Year: 2013

    Source: Proceedings of the Eighth Workshop on the Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications, Atlanta, GA, June 13, 2013, p73-81

  1. Improving Quality and Equity in Education: Inspiring a New Century of Excellence in ...

    Author(s): Scatton, Linda H. (Ed.) ; Coley, Richard J. (Ed.) ; McBride ...

    Publication Year: 2007

    Source: ETS Policy Notes, v15 n1, Win 2007

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