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  1. Linking TOEFL iBT Scores to IELTS Scores - A Research Report

    Author(s): ETS

    Publication Year: 2010

    Source: ETS TOEFL Report

  1. Prototyping New Assessment Tasks

    Author(s): Enright, Mary K. ; Bridgeman, Brent ; Eignor, Daniel ; ...

    Publication Year: 2008

    Source: Chapelle, Carol A.; Enright, Mary K.; Jamieson, Joan M. (eds.) Building a Validity Argument for the Test of English as a Foreign Language. New York: Routledge, 2008, p97-143

  1. Building a Validity Argument for the Test of English as a Foreign Language

    Author(s): Chapelle, Carol A. (ed.) ; Enright, Mary K. (ed.) ; ...

    Publication Year: 2008

    Source: Book; New York: Routledge

  1. Dependability of Scores for a New ESL Speaking Assessment Consisting of Integrated and ...

    Author(s): Lee, Yong-Won

    Publication Year: 2006

    Source: Language Testing, v23 n2 p131-166, 2006

  1. Detecting Errors in English Article Usage by Non-Native Speakers

    Author(s): Han, Na-Rae ; Chodorow, Martin ; Leacock, Claudia

    Publication Year: 2006

    Source: Natural Language Engineering, v12 n2 p115-129, Jun 2006

  1. TOEFL 2000 Reading Framework: A Working Paper

    Author(s): Enright, Mary K. ; Grabe, William ; Koda, Keiko ; Mosenthal ...

    Publication Year: 2000

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  1. Strengthening the Ties That Bind: Improving the Linking Network in Sparsely Connected ...

    Author(s): Myford, Carol M.

    Publication Year: 2000

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. Writing Assessment in Admission to Higher Education: Review and Framework

    Author(s): Breland, Hunter M. ; Bridgeman, Brent ; Fowles, Mary E.

    Publication Year: 1999

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. An Analysis of the Dimensionality of TOEFL Reading Comprehension Items

    Author(s): Carey, Patricia A. ; Gordon, Ann ; Schedl, Mary A. ; Tang, ...

    Publication Year: 1996

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. An Investigation of the Appropriateness of the TOEFL Test as a Matching Variable to Equate ...

    Author(s): DeMauro, Gerald E.

    Publication Year: 1992

    Source: ETS Research Report

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