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  1. Review of Studies of the Concurrent and Predictive Validity of the National Teacher ...

    Author(s): Quirk, Thomas J. ; Witten, Barbara J. ; Weinberg, Susan J.

    Publication Year: 1973

    Source: Review of Educational Research, v43 n1 p89-113, Win 1973

  1. Measuring Emotional Intelligence: Promises, Pitfalls, Solutions?

    Author(s): Matthews, Gerald ; Zeidner, Moshe ; Roberts, Richard D.

    Publication Year: 2007

    Source: Ong, Anthony D.; van Dulmen, Manfred H.M. (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Methods in Positive Psychology. New York: Oxford University Press, 2007, p189-204

  1. Negative Coefficients in the GRE Validity Study Service

    Author(s): Longford, Nicholas T.

    Publication Year: 1991

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. Validity of the GRE: 1988-89 Summary Report

    Author(s): Schneider, Lisa M. ; Briel, Jacqueline B.

    Publication Year: 1990

    Source: ETS GRE Board Report

  1. Generalization of GRE General Test Validity Across Departments

    Author(s): Boldt, Robert F.

    Publication Year: 1986

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. The College Board Technical Handbook for the Scholastic Aptitude Test and Achievement Tests

    Author(s): Donlon, Thomas F. (Ed.)

    Publication Year: 1984

    Source: Book; New York: College Board

  1. The Predictive Validity of Preadmission Measures in Graduate Management Education: Three ...

    Author(s): Hecht, Lawrence W. ; Powers, Donald E.

    Publication Year: 1982

    Source: ETS Graduate Management Admission Council Report

  1. The Validation of GRE Scores as Predictors of First Year Performance in Graduate Study: ...

    Author(s): Wilson, Kenneth M.

    Publication Year: 1979

    Source: ETS GRE Board Report

  1. Designing Your Validity Study: A Manual for the Graduate Management Admission Council ...

    Author(s): Evans, Franklin R. ; Powers, Donald E.

    Publication Year: 1977

    Source: ETS Program Report

  1. Summary of Law School Validity Studies, 1948-1975

    Author(s): Schrader, William B.

    Publication Year: 1977

    Source: Law School Admissions Council Report

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