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  1. Repeater Analysis for Combining Information from Different Assessments

    Author(s): Haberman, Shelby J. ; Yao, Lili

    Publication Year: 2015

    Source: Journal of Educational Measurement, v52 n2 p223–251, Sum 2015

  1. Estimating Population Characteristics From Sparse Matrix Samples of Item Responses

    Author(s): Mislevy, Robert J. ; Beaton, Albert E. ; Kaplan, Bruce A. ...

    Publication Year: 1992

    Source: Journal of Educational Measurement, v29, n2 p133-161, Sum 1992

  1. Testing to Facilitate, Not Just to Forecast Success: Implications of New Developments in ...

    Author(s): Messick, Samuel J.

    Publication Year: 1988

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  1. SAT Differential Item Performance for Nine Handicapped Groups

    Author(s): Bennett, Randy Elliot ; Rock, Donald A. ; Kaplan, Bruce A.

    Publication Year: 1987

    Source: Journal of Educational Measurement, v24 n1 p41-55, Spr 1987

  1. Relationship of Admission Test Scores to Writing Performance of Native and Nonnative ...

    Author(s): Bridgeman, Brent ; Camp, Roberta ; Carlson, Sybil B. ; ...

    Publication Year: 1985

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. Effects of Self-Study for Coachable Test Item Types

    Author(s): Powers, Donald E. ; Spencer, Swinton S.

    Publication Year: 1984

    Source: Journal of Educational Psychology, v76 n2 p266-278, 1984

  1. Equating the Scales of the Spanish-Language Prueba de Aptitud Academica and the English- ...

    Author(s): Angoff, William ; Modu, Christopher C.

    Publication Year: 1973

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

  1. The Scholastic Aptitude Test of 1963-64

    Author(s): Coffman, William E.

    Publication Year: 1964

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  1. Evidence of Cultural Factors in Responses of African Students to Items in an American Test ...

    Author(s): Coffman, William E.

    Publication Year: 1963

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  1. An Investigation of the Decline in Average Scores on Some Advanced Placement Examinations ...

    Author(s): Malcolm, Donald J.

    Publication Year: 1961

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

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