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  1. A Framework for Developing Comparable Multilingual Assessments for Minority Populations: ...

    Author(s): Oliveri, Maria Elena ; Ercikan, Kadriye ; Simon, Marielle

    Publication Year: 2015

    Source: International Journal of Testing, v15 n2 p94–113, Apr 2015

  1. Calculate All Kappa Statistics in One Step

    Author(s): Duchnowski, Matthew

    Publication Year: 2014

    Source: SAS Global Forum, March 23-26, 2014.

  1. Choice of Target Population Weights in Rater Comparability Scoring and Equating

    Author(s): Puhan, Gautam

    Publication Year: 2013

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. Investigating the Effects of Prompt Characteristics on the Comparability of TOEFL iBT ...

    Author(s): Cho, Yeonsuk ; Rijmen, Frank ; Novak, Jakub

    Publication Year: 2013

    Source: Language Testing, v30 n4 p513-534, Oct 2013

  1. Choosing Among Tucker or Chained Linear Equating in Two Testing Situations: Rater ...

    Author(s): Puhan, Gautam

    Publication Year: 2012

    Source: Journal of Educational Measurement, v49 n3 p312-329, Fall 2012

  1. Why Do Standardized Testing Programs Report Scaled Scores?

    Author(s): Tan, Xuan ; Michel, Rochelle

    Publication Year: 2011

    Source: R&D Connections, n16, Sep, 2011

  1. Reliability and Comparability of TOEFL iBT Scores

    Author(s): ETS

    Publication Year: 2011

    Source: TOEFL iBT Research Insight, Series I v3, 2011

  1. Score Comparability for Language Minority Students on the Content Assessments Used by Two ...

    Author(s): Young, John W. ; Holtzman, Steven ; Steinberg, Jonathan

    Publication Year: 2011

    Source: ETS Research Report

  1. Examining the Comparability of Paper-Based and Computer-Based Administrations of Novel Item ...

    Author(s): Stone, Elizabeth ; King, Teresa C. ; Laitusis, Cara

    Publication Year: 2011

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  1. An American Examination System

    Author(s): Resnick, Lauren B. ; Berger, Larry

    Publication Year: 2010

    Source: The National Conference of Next Generation Assessment Systems, 2010

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