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  1. Is Value-Added Accurate for Teachers of Students with Disabilities?

    Author(s): McCaffrey, Daniel F. ; Buzick, Heather M.

    Publication Year: 2014

    Source: Carnegie Knowledge Network, January 2014

  2. Design Patterns for Improving Accessibility for Test Takers With Disabilities

    Author(s): Hansen, Eric G. ; Mislevy, Robert J.

    Publication Year: 2008

    Source: ETS Research Report

  3. Views of Disabled Students

    Author(s): Ragosta, Marjorie ; Kaplan, Bruce A.

    Publication Year: 1988

    Source: Willingham, Warren W.; Ragosta, Marjorie; Bennett, Randy Elliot; Braun, Henry; Rock, Donald A.; Powers, Donald A.(eds.) Testing Handicapped People. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn and Bacon, Inc., 1988, p59-70

  4. Issues in the Educational Assessment of Children with Learning and Behavior Disorders

    Author(s): Bennett, Randy Elliot

    Publication Year: 1981

    Source: Journal of the International Association of Pupil Personnel Workers, v25 n3 p201-210, 1981

  5. Parents as Teachers of Their Own Learning Disabled Children

    Author(s): Sigel, Irving E. ; McGillicuddy-DeLisi, Ann V. ; Flaugher, Janice ; Rock, Donald A.

    Publication Year: 1983

    Source: ETS Research Report

  6. SAT Verbal-Math Discrepancies: Accurate Indicators of College Learning Disability?

    Author(s): Chan, Ka Ling ; Bennett, Randy Elliot ; Rock, Donald A.

    Publication Year: 1987

    Source: Journal of Learning Disabilities, v20 n3 p189-192, Mar 1987

  7. Testing Persons With Disabilities: A Report for ETS Programs and Their Constituents

    Author(s): Bennett, Randy Elliot ; ETS Committee on People With Disabilities

    Publication Year: 1990

    Source: Report of the ETS Committee on Persons with Disabilities

  8. Including Students With Disabilities and English Learners in Measures of Educator Effectiveness

    Author(s): Jones, Nathan D. ; Buzick, Heather M. ; Turkan, Sultan

    Publication Year: 2013

    Source: Educational Researcher, v42 n4 p234-241, May 2013

  9. Issues of Special Concern in Licensing and Certification

    Author(s): Rosenfeld, Michael ; Keiser, Shelby ; Goldsmith, Sharon

    Publication Year: 2002

    Source: Ekstrom, Ruth B.; Smith, Douglas K. (eds.) Assessing Individuals With Disabilities in Educational, Employment and Counseling Settings. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association, 2002, p235-248

  10. Computer-Based Testing for Examinees With Disabilities: On the Road to Generalized Accommodation

    Author(s): Bennett, Randy Elliot

    Publication Year: 1995

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  11. Evaluation of the Integration of Severely Handicapped Students in Education and Community Settings

    Author(s): Brinker, Richard P. ; Thorpe, Margaret E.

    Publication Year: 1984

    Source: ETS Research Report

  12. Students With Disabilities: Four Years of Data From Special Test Administrations of the Scholastic Aptitude Test, 1980-83

    Author(s): Ragosta, Marjorie

    Publication Year: 1987

    Source: ETS Research Report

  13. Evaluation of a Condition-Adaptive Test of Reading Comprehension for Students With Reading-Based Learning Disabilities

    Author(s): Stone, Elizabeth ; Cook, Linda L. ; Laitusis, Cara

    Publication Year: 2013

    Source: ETS Research Report

  14. Predictive Validity of the SAT on Two Handicapped Groups: The Deaf and the Learning Disabled

    Author(s): Jones, Douglas H. ; Ragosta, Marjorie

    Publication Year: 1982

    Source: ETS Research Report

  15. Eligibility Issues and Comparable Time Limits for Disabled and Nondisabled SAT Examinees

    Author(s): Ragosta, Marjorie ; Wendler, Cathy

    Publication Year: 1992

    Source: ETS Research Report

  16. English Language Learners With Reading Disabilities: A Review of the Literature and the Foundation for a Research Agenda

    Author(s): Shore, Jane R. ; Sabatini, John P.

    Publication Year: 2009

    Source: ETS Research Report

  17. Designing Adaptive, Diagnostic Math Assessments for Individuals With and Without Visual Disabilities

    Author(s): Shute, Valerie J. ; Graf, Edith Aurora ; Hansen, Eric G.

    Publication Year: 2006

    Source: ETS Research Report

  18. Making the World Work with Microcomputers: A Learning Prosthesis for Handicapped Infants

    Author(s): Brinker, Richard P. ; Lewis, Michael

    Publication Year: 1982

    Source: Exceptional Children, v49 n2 p163-170, 1982

  19. Including Special-Needs Students in the NAEP 1998 Reading Assessment: Part I Comparison of Overall Results With and Without Accommodations

    Author(s): Lutkus, Anthony ; Mazzeo, John ; Zhang, Jinming ; Jerry, Laura ; Barton, Karen ; Zenisky, April ; Goldstein, Arnold

    Publication Year: 2003

    Source: NAEP Report

  20. Increasing the Participation of Special Needs Students in NAEP: A Report on 1996 Research Activities

    Author(s): Mazzeo, John ; Carlson, James E. ; Voelkl, Kristin ; Lutkus, Anthony ; Ferris, John J. ; Kaplan, Bruce A. ; Kulick, Edward ; Isham, Steven P.

    Publication Year: 2000

    Source: NAEP Report

  21. Handicapped Students and the SAT

    Author(s): Ragosta, Marjorie

    Publication Year: 1980

    Source: ETS Research Report

  22. Examining the Factor Structure of a State Standards-Based Science Assessment for Students with Learning Disabilities

    Author(s): Steinberg, Jonathan ; Cline, Frederick ; Sawaki, Yasuyo

    Publication Year: 2011

    Source: ETS Research Report

  23. Conceptualizing Accessibility for English Language Proficiency Assessments

    Author(s): Guzman-Orth, Danielle ; Laitusis, Cara Cahalan ; Thurlow, Martha L. ; Christensen, Laurene

    Publication Year: 2016

    Source: ETS Research Report

  24. SAT Testing Time for Students With Disabilities

    Author(s): Packer, Jaclyn

    Publication Year: 1987

    Source: ETS Research Report

  25. A Survey of Handicapped Students Taking Special Test Administrations of the SAT and GRE

    Author(s): Ragosta, Marjorie ; Kaplan, Bruce A.

    Publication Year: 1986

    Source: ETS Research Report

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