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  1. Those Persistent Gaps

    Author(s): Barton, Paul E. ; Coley, Richard J.

    Publication Year: 2009

    Source: Educational Leadership, v67 n4 p18-23, Dec 2009

  1. One-Third of a Nation: Rising Dropout Rates and Declining Opportunities

    Author(s): Barton, Paul E.

    Publication Year: 2005

    Source: ETS Policy Information Center Report

  1. Why Does the Gap Persist?

    Author(s): Barton, Paul E.

    Publication Year: 2004

    Source: Educational Leadership v62 n3 p8-13, Nov 2004

  1. Pathways to Labor Market Success: The Literacy Proficiency of United States Adults

    Author(s): Sum, Andrew M. ; Kirsch, Irwin S. ; Yamamoto, Kentaro

    Publication Year: 2004

    Source: ETS Policy Information Center Report

  1. Benefits and Barriers to College for Low-Income Adults

    Author(s): Carnevale, Anthony Patrick ; Desrochers, Donna M.

    Publication Year: 2004

    Source: Low-Income Adults in Profile: Improving Lives Through Higher Education, p31-45, Feb 2004

  1. Correcting the SAT's Ethnic and Social-Class Bias: A Method for Reestimating SAT Scores

    Author(s): Freedle, Roy O.

    Publication Year: 2003

    Source: Harvard Educational Review, v73 n1 p1-43, Spr 2003

  1. A Study in College Preparation; Manhattan Institute Research Says Academics, Not Finances, ...

    Author(s): Mezzacappa, Dale

    Publication Year: 2003

    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer, Sep 17, 2003

  1. Seize the Moment

    Author(s): Carnevale, Anthony Patrick

    Publication Year: 2003

    Source: Leon, David J. Diversity in Higher Education, Volume 3: Latinos in Higher Education. Amsterdam: JAI, 2003, p9-35

  1. Parsing the Achievement Gap: Baselines for Tracking Progress

    Author(s): Barton, Paul E.

    Publication Year: 2003

    Source: ETS Policy Information Center Report

  1. The Demographic Window of Opportunity: College Access and Diversity in the New Century

    Author(s): Carnevale, Anthony P. ; Fry, Richard A.

    Publication Year: 2002

    Source: Heller, D.E. (ed.) Condition of Access: Higher Education for Lower Income Students. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2002, p137-151

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