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  1. A Profile of Preparation in Mathematics

    Author(s): Hale, Gordon A. ; Whittington, Beverly R.

    Publication Year: 1984

    Source: ETS Research Report

  2. A Symbolic Logic for Representing Linear Models

    Author(s): Hall, Charles E.

    Publication Year: 1971

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

  3. Gender Differences in Scholastic Aptitude Test: Mathematics Problem Solving Among High-Ability Students

    Author(s): Gallagher, Ann M. ; De Lisi, Richard

    Publication Year: 1994

    Source: Journal of Educational Psychology, v86 n2 p204-211, Jun 1994

  4. A Comparison of Abilities Developed in Traditional Algebra Courses and in a Modern Algebra Course

    Author(s): Maier, Milton H.

    Publication Year: 1963

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  5. Graphical Modeling: A New Response Type for Measuring the Qualitative Component of Mathematical Reasoning

    Author(s): Bennett, Randy Elliot ; Morley, Mary ; Quardt, Dennis ; Rock, Donald A.

    Publication Year: 1999

    Source: ETS Research Report

  6. Qualitative and Numerical Reasoning about Fractions and Rates by Seventh- and Eighth-Grade Students

    Author(s): Heller, Patricia M. ; Post, Thomas R. ; Behr, Merlyn ; Lesh, Richard

    Publication Year: 1990

    Source: Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, v21 n5 p388-402, Nov 1990

  7. Scores on Board Mathematics Examinations Compared

    Author(s): Schultz, Douglas G. ; Plumlee, Lynnette B.

    Publication Year: 1949

    Source: The College Board Review, v1 n7 p81, 84-87 Mar 1949

  8. Fisher Scoring Algorithm for Variance Component Analysis With Hierarchically Nested Random Effects

    Author(s): Longford, Nicholas T.

    Publication Year: 1987

    Source: ETS Research Report

  9. Exploring the Use of IRT Equating for the GRE Subject Test in Mathematics

    Author(s): McKinley, Robert L. ; Kingston, Neal M.

    Publication Year: 1987

    Source: ETS Research Report

  10. Diagnostic Assessment in Mathematics Problem Solving

    Author(s): Shute, Valerie ; Underwood, Jody S.

    Publication Year: 2006

    Source: Technology, Instruction, Cognition and Learning, v3 p151-166, 2006

  11. Estimating True-Score Distributions for Mental Tests (Method 16)

    Author(s): Lees, Diana M. ; Lord, Frederic M.

    Publication Year: 1967

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

  12. The Mathematical Foundations of Classical Test Theory: An Axiomatic Approach. I.

    Author(s): Koutsopoulos, C. J.

    Publication Year: 1962

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

  13. Contributions to Mathematical Psychology: The Thurstone Hall Dedication Conference

    Author(s): Frederiksen, Norman (Ed) ; Gulliksen, Harold (Ed.)

    Publication Year: 1964

    Source: Book; New York: Holt Rinehart & Winston

  14. Examination of the Assumptions and Properties of the Graded Item Response Model: An Example Using a Mathematics Performance Assessment

    Author(s): Lane, Suzanne ; Stone, Clement A. ; Ankenmann, Robert D. ; Liu, Mei

    Publication Year: 1995

    Source: Applied Measurement in Education, v8 n4 p313-340, 1995

  15. Fitting a Polytomous Item Response Model to Likert-Type Data

    Author(s): Muraki, Eiji

    Publication Year: 1990

    Source: Applied Psychological Measurement, v14 n1 p59-71, Mar 1990

  16. The Dutch Identity: A New Tool for the Study of Item Response Models

    Author(s): Holland, Paul W.

    Publication Year: 1990

    Source: Psychometrika, v55 n1 p5-18, Mar 1990

  17. Evaluating SAT II: Mathematics IC Items in the SAT I Population

    Author(s): Liu, Jinghua ; Schuppan, Frederick W. ; Walker, Michael E.

    Publication Year: 2004

    Source: College Board Report

  18. Assessing Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching: The Role of Teaching Context

    Author(s): Phelps, Geoffrey ; Howell, Heather

    Publication Year: 2016

    Source: Mathematics Enthusiast, v13, n1&2 p52–70, 2016

  19. Raising Achievement and Reducing Gaps: Reporting Progress Toward Goals for Academic Achievement in Mathematics: Lessons from the States

    Author(s): Barton, Paul E.

    Publication Year: 2002

    Source: ETS Policy Information Center Report

  20. Reaching Standards: A Progress Report on Mathematics

    Author(s): Lindquist, Mary M. ; Dossey, John A. ; Mullis, Ina V.S.

    Publication Year: 1995

    Source: ETS Policy Information Center Report

  21. Does It Compute? The Relationship Between Educational Technology and Student Achievement in Mathematics

    Author(s): Wenglinsky, Harold

    Publication Year: 1998

    Source: ETS Policy Information Center Report

  22. Item Information and Discrimination Functions for Trinary PCM Items

    Author(s): Akkermans, Wies ; Muraki, Eiji

    Publication Year: 1995

    Source: Psychometrika, v62 n4 p569-578, Dec 1997

  23. Population Inferences and Variance Estimation for NAEP Data

    Author(s): Johnson, Eugene G. ; Rust, Keith F.

    Publication Year: 1992

    Source: Journal of Educational Statistics, v17 n2 p175-190, Sum 1992

  24. Does It Matter If I Take My Mathematics Test on Computer? A Second Empirical Study of Mode Effects in NAEP

    Author(s): Bennett, Randy Elliot ; Braswell, James S. ; Oranje, Andreas ; Sandene, Brent A. ; Kaplan, Bruce A. ; Yan, Fred

    Publication Year: 2008

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  25. The Gender Gap

    Author(s): Coley, Richard J. (Ed.)

    Publication Year: 1989

    Source: ETS Policy Notes, v2 n1, Oct 1989

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