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  1. El rol de los examenes de admision, de las notas de educacion secundaria y de la situacion ...

    Author(s): Zwick, Rebecca J.

    Publication Year: 2012

    Source: Santelices, M.V.; Ugarte, J.J.; Kyllonen, P. (eds.) Admision a la Educacion Superior: Mediciones Complementarias. Santiago, Chile: Ministerio de Educacion de Chile, 2012

  1. The Role of Admissions Test Scores, Socioeconomic Status, and High School Grades in ...

    Author(s): Zwick, Rebecca J.

    Publication Year: 2012

    Source: Pensamiento Educativo, v49 n2 p23-30, 2012

  1. Relationship of TOEFL iBT Scores to Academic Performance: Some Evidence from American ...

    Author(s): Cho, Yeonsuk ; Bridgeman, Brent

    Publication Year: 2012

    Source: Language Testing, v29 n3 p421-442, Jul 2012

  1. Admissions Testing in Higher Education

    Author(s): Zwick, Rebecca J.

    Publication Year: 2012

    Source: Secolsky, Charles; Denison, D. Brian (eds.) Handbook on Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation in Higher Education. New York: Routledge, 2012, p382-404

  1. The Effect of High School Socioeconomic Status on the Predictive Validity of SAT Scores and ...

    Author(s): Zwick, Rebecca J. ; Himelfarb, Igor

    Publication Year: 2011

    Source: Journal of Educational Measurement, v48 n2 p101-121, Sum 2011

  1. Admissions Testing

    Author(s): Zwick, Rebecca J.

    Publication Year: 2010

    Source: Peterson, Penelope; Baker, Eva; McGaw, Barry (eds.) International Encyclopedia of Education, 3rd Ed., Vol. 4. Oxford: Elsevier, 2010, p7-14

  1. Emotional Intelligence and the Eye of the Beholder: Comparing Self- and Parent-Rated ...

    Author(s): MacCann, Carolyn ; Wang, Lijuan ; Matthews, Gerald ; ...

    Publication Year: 2010

    Source: Journal of Research in Personality, v44 n5 p673-676, Oct 2010

  1. Validating a Number Sense Screening Tool for Use in Kindergarten and First Grade: ...

    Author(s): Jordan, Nancy C. ; Glutting, Joseph J. ; Ramineni, ...

    Publication Year: 2010

    Source: School Psychology Review, v39 n2 p181-195, 2010

  1. A Note on Presenting What Predictive Validity Numbers Mean

    Author(s): Bridgeman, Brent ; Burton, Nancy W. ; Cline, Frederick

    Publication Year: 2009

    Source: Applied Measurement in Education, v22 n2 p109-119, 2009

  1. Predicting Grades in College Courses: A Comparison of Multiple Regression and Percent ...

    Author(s): Bridgeman, Brent ; Pollack, Judith M. ; Burton, Nancy W.

    Publication Year: 2008

    Source: Journal of College Admission, n199 p19-25, Spr 2008

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