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  1. Cognition and Literacy in English Language Learners at Risk for Reading Disabilities: A ...

    Author(s): Swanson, H. Lee ; Kudo, Milagros ; Guzman-Orth, Danielle

    Publication Year: 2016

    Source: Journal of Educational Psychology, p1-27, Jan 2016 (currently online only)

  1. Charting the Cognitive Sphere: Tactile-Kinesthetic Performance Within the Structure of ...

    Author(s): Roberts, Richard D. ; Stankov, Lazar ; Pallier, Gerry ; ...

    Publication Year: 1997

    Source: Intelligence, v25 n2 p111-148, Sep/Oct 1997

  1. A Factor Analysis of Memory Ability

    Author(s): Kelley, H. Paul

    Publication Year: 1954

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

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