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  1. Situating Standard Setting within Argument-Based Validity

    Author(s): Papageorgiou, Spiros ; Tannenbaum, Richard J.

    Publication Year: 2016

    Source: Language Assessment Quarterly, v13 n2 p109–123, 2016

  1. Enhancing the Interpretability of the Overall Results of an International Test of English- ...

    Author(s): Papageorgiou, Spiros ; Morgan, Rick ; Becker, Valerie

    Publication Year: 2015

    Source: International Journal of Testing, v15 n4 p310–336, 2015

  1. Standard Setting Lessons Learned in the South African Context: Implications for ...

    Author(s): Pitoniak, Mary ; Yeld, Nan

    Publication Year: 2013

    Source: International Journal of Testing, v13 n1 p19-31, Jan-Mar 2013

  1. The Argument-Based Approach to Validation

    Author(s): Kane, Michael

    Publication Year: 2013

    Source: School Psychology Review, v42 n4 p448-457, 2013

  1. The Case for Informal Argument

    Author(s): Mislevy, Robert J.

    Publication Year: 2012

    Source: Measurement, v10 n1-2 p93-96, Jan 2012

  1. All Validity Is Construct Validity. Or Is It?

    Author(s): Kane, Michael

    Publication Year: 2012

    Source: Measurement, v10 n1-2 p66-70, Jan 2012

  1. Consequences That Cannot Be Avoided: A Response to Paul Newton

    Author(s): Bennett, Randy Elliot

    Publication Year: 2012

    Source: Measurement, v10 n1-2 p30-32, Jan 2012

  1. Using Content Specialists for Detecting Item and Test Unfairness

    Author(s): Carlton, Sydell T.

    Publication Year: 2012

    Source: Secolsky, Charles; Denison, D. Brian (eds.) Handbook on Measurement, Assessment, and Evaluation in Higher Education. New York: Routledge, 2012, p310-320

  1. Test Score Equating Using a Mini-Version Anchor and a Midi Anchor: A Case Study Using SAT Data

    Author(s): Liu, Jinghua ; Sinharay, Sandip ; Holland, Paul W. ; Curley ...

    Publication Year: 2011

    Source: Journal of Educational Measurement, v48 n4 p361-379, Win 2011

  1. Validating Measurement of Knowledge Integration in Science Using Multiple-Choice and ...

    Author(s): Lee, Hee-Sun ; Liu, Ou Lydia ; Linn, Marcia C.

    Publication Year: 2011

    Source: Applied Measurement in Education, v24 n2 p115-136, Apr 2011

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