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  1. Academic Ability Test

    Author(s): Tucker, Ledyard R

    Publication Year: 1951

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  2. TOEIC Listening and Reading Test Scale Anchoring Study

    Author(s): Liao, Chi-Wen

    Publication Year: 2010

    Source: TOEIC Compendium

  3. Some Experiments in Developing a Behaviorally Determined Scale of Vocabulary

    Author(s): Tucker, Ledyard R

    Publication Year: 1955

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

  4. Proficiency Descriptors Based on a Scale-Anchoring Study of the New TOEFL iBT Reading Test

    Author(s): Garcia Gomez, Pablo ; Noah, Aris ; Schedl, Mary A. ; Wright, Christine ; Yolkut, Aline

    Publication Year: 2007

    Source: Language Testing, v24, v3 p417-444, Jul 2007

  5. Ensuring Comparable Scores on the SAT I: Reasoning Test

    Author(s): Lawrence, Ida M. ; Schmidt, Amy

    Publication Year: 2001

    Source: Research Notes, n14 p1-5, 2001

  6. Criterion-Referencing and Norm-Referencing: Distinctions and Connections

    Author(s): Angoff, William H.

    Publication Year: 1978

    Source: Engineering Education, v68 n5 p393-396, Feb 1978

  7. Assessing the Dimensionality of NAEP Reading Data

    Author(s): Zwick, Rebecca J.

    Publication Year: 1987

    Source: Journal of Educational Measurement, n24 n4 p293-308, Win 1987

  8. Teachers' Perceptions of Rating an Early Literacy Portfolio

    Author(s): Jones, Jacqueline ; Chittenden, Edward A.

    Publication Year: 1995

    Source: Report of the ETS Center for Performance Assessment

  9. Psychophysical Law and Scaling Models

    Author(s): Helm, Carl E. ; Messick, Samuel J. ; Tucker, Ledyard R

    Publication Year: 1959

    Source: ETS Research Bulletin

  10. Psychophysical Law and Scaling Models

    Author(s): Helm, Carl E. ; Messick, Samuel J. ; Tucker, Ledyard R

    Publication Year: 1961

    Source: Psychological Review, v68 n3 p167-177, 1961

  11. A Continuity Principle for Calibration of Scores Within Mastery Assessment Systems

    Author(s): Tucker, Ledyard R

    Publication Year: 1991

    Source: ETS Research Report

  12. An Introduction to the Measurement of Change Problem

    Author(s): Braun, Henry I. ; Bridgeman, Brent

    Publication Year: 2005

    Source: ETS Research Memorandum

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